Back on Track products for dogs can be used to warm up your dogs’ muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains or injury. Most importantly, the products have the dual capacity to prevent injury as well as ease and expedite the recovery of already present injuries. Your dog will wear these products comfortably as they contribute to its well being. May help arthritic dogs to move more comfortably.

I have used other blankets on my dogs for several years, but it was when I started using the Back on Track dog blanket that I noticed the difference. My older dog Lotus has a hip joint problem. He is very sensitive to the cold and becomes stiff easily so Back on Track has been a great help… compared to the usual dog blankets available. Stiffness that may appear after a rest period completely disappears after diligent use of Back on Track.
Jenny Damm, Gold medal winner, Agility World Championships/National Championships, Crufts-winner agility, Winner of the Year Agility Dog, active national and international agility instructor.