therapeutic dog bed

How Therapy Products Can Help Your Pet

With most households in the United States having at least one pet, it’s important to ensure optimal comfortability in their everyday lives. Since furry friends bring so much joy to our lives, we want theirs to be as happy and full as possible. Daily exercise and a 30-minute long walk benefits most dogs but exercise […]

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back and knee brace

Taking Care of Your Horse’s Body

Your horse is one of your best friends. Like all friendships, the best way to maintain your relationship with your horse is by giving careful, thoughtful consideration to its needs. The way you choose to take care of the back of your horse is going to make a big difference in how happy your horse […]

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arthritic knee brace

How to Choose the Right Back on Track Products for Your Horse

Injuries to your animals are never a fun thing to have to deal with. But, as with most problems, injuries can be solved by keeping yourself informed and staying ahead of any potential issues. When injuries do occur, it’s important to choose the right products that ensure your animals have a full, speedy recovery. Whether […]

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dog hock braces

Dog Days Of Summer: How To Keep Your Pup Cool In The Seasonal Heat

Approximately 44% of all U.S. households have a dog. As summer steps into full swing, it’s more important than ever to ensure that they don’t spend too much time in the sweltering heat. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done; some dogs are so energetic and excited that they hardly seem to notice the heat, others […]

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fleece blanket for a horse

Why a Fleece Blanket is a Good Choice for Your Horse

Did you know there are roughly 400 different breeds of domestic horses? If you’re on the market for a horse blanket liner, horse sheets, neck cover, or just the best blanket for horses, fleece might be a material you should look into. A fleece blanket for a horse is a good choice. Fleece is often […]

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horse hock wraps

To Wrap or to Boot: What’s Best For Your Horse

Horse Wraps and Boots Wrapping legs and using boots on horses is essential to the management of equine athletes. Except for a few cases, wraps are typically used on horses when they are not being worked. Wraps protect the legs, support joints, help control swelling, and keep the legs warm. Boots are typically used for […]

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Caring For Your Aging Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend. As much as we like to think our furry companions will always have that puppy attitude, bounding around the house with ceaseless energy, it’s important to remember that they age just as we do. Caring for a senior dog requires a little extra attention and love; if your dog has […]

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fleece blankets for horses

Five Facts About Fleece Blankets for Horses

Some might remember a time when fleece referred to wool rather than the warm, soft, and fluffy material now known as fleece. This synthetic fleece (also called polar fleece) can now be found in many products, including fleece jackets, fleece hats, and even fleece blankets for horses. But what is fleece? Here are five surprising […]

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therapy dog products

Your Ultimate Guide To Hiking With Your Dog

Spring is here and summer is on the horizon. That means more dog owners are getting ready to take to the trails for some serious outdoor adventures. But it’s important to remember that a hike isn’t your average walk in the park for your furry friend. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics so you […]

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