Calf Brace - reduce muscle pain in calves

Calf Brace

$31.00 - $46.50
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Our Calf Brace may help reduce muscle tension or pain in your calves.

The Calf Brace may be helpful if you often have post-exercise muscle pain in your calves or pain deriving from periosteum membranes. The calf brace is popular with many athletes.   Fabric consists of 100% polypropylene (with ceramic powder) or 50% polyester (with ceramic powder) and 50% cotton.  Our state-of the-art ceramic infused Welltex material works with your natural body warmth to provide a gentle warmth.

Sold as individual


PAIRS:  Now available with 2 braces in pack.  *** 50% off 2nd brace. *** MUST be SAME Size.


HOW TO ORDER:  Please choose the Double Pack size in the drop down box.  The price will reflect the discount for the 2nd brace.

Size Top Bottom Length
Small 10¾" 7½" 10 3/8"
Medium 11½" 8½" 10 3/8"
Large 13½" 9" 10 5/8"
XL 15" 11" 10¾"


Color: Black 

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Care:  Machine washable up to 86° F or 30°C. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.
Back on Track products are not to be compared with magnetic therapy. The effectiveness of Back on Track’s thermal warmth therapy has been established by medical science. For more information, click here to see a clinical study on how Back on Track works.
Customer Reviews
I tore the belly of my calf muscle playing tennis 3 years ago. I recovered yet always had a "twinge" that bothered me. I knew that playing tennis or enjoying running was out of the question. Our horse uses Back On Track products with success. Therefore, I decided to try them for myself. I began using the Calf Brace 4 months ago. I am running 4-5 miles 2 times per week and playing tennis as much as I want - PAIN FREE! I wear the brace during exercise and leave it on for at least an hour after. I plan on buying the back brace for my husband, the hock boot for our horse - the list goes on!!!
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