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Recommended by five time Olympian Ann Kursinski

"This therapeutic saddle pad works great! From the very start of my ride, I feel that my horses’ back is very relaxed and more supple with the Back on Track saddle pad. I have also noticed that we are able to go longer in between veterinarian treatments on horses with some known back problems. The horses comfort and soundness is number one for me, that is why Back on Track is the way for my horses and myself. It works!"


braces for calves

Proper Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Sports and Pet Mobility Braces

The back and knee brace, arthritic knee brace, dog hock brace, ankle brace socks, dog wrist brace, thermal knee brace, elbow tendonitis brace, and brace for calves are some of the common pet and human braces or compression gear. But our focus in this article is on calf braces, which sportsmen and women use as […]

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Product Tips

brace for back and knees

3 Braces to Help Extend Your Dog’s Quality of Life

Nobody likes to think about their four-legged best friend getting older or having an accident. But an unfortunate fact of life is that, much like humans, our dogs aren’t immortal. As they get older, dogs need the same care and consideration that humans need in order to protect aging bones and joints. If your pup […]

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therapeutic dog bed

How Therapy Products Can Help Your Pet

With most households in the United States having at least one pet, it’s important to ensure optimal comfortability in their everyday lives. Since furry friends bring so much joy to our lives, we want theirs to be as happy and full as possible. Daily exercise and a 30-minute long walk benefits most dogs but exercise […]

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Therapeutic Products for Dogs, Horses & People

Looking for the best online selection of therapeutic and protective products for dogs, horses, and people? Back on Track supplies dog therapy products, such as dog hock braces, beds and liners, and coats, to help keep your canine companion happy and healthy. We also carry a vast array of horse therapy products, such as horse leg wraps, saddle pads, riding helmets, and much more. Our products feature Welltex therapeutic fabric, which is used to increase blood circulation throughout the body and deliver increased relief and shortened healing times. We use Welltex in our selection of dog wrist braces, horse leg wraps , physio elbow braces for people, and our other therapeutic products.

Contact us today to learn about our selection of human, horse, and dog therapy products. We would be happy to help you find the right product for your therapeutic or protective needs.